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Bull Pick Pad

Bull Pick Pad

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Unleash the Fun with Our Bead-Packed Pads!
Dive into a world of excitement with our vibrant bead-packed pads! Each pad is brimming with tiny beads made of glass, polymer clay, and plastic, plus sparkling sequins. Every pad is uniquely handcrafted, so you'll have a one-of-a-kind treasure that’s different from the rest!

Therapeutic Silicone Picker, a beautifully designed piece filled with an array of beads and charms. Perfect for individuals dealing with skin-picking disorders, this picker offers a comforting and engaging tactile experience that promotes positive sensory interaction and a sense of calm.

Therapeutic Benefits: Specifically designed to meet sensory needs, our silicone picker helps redirect focus and provides a constructive outlet. It’s more than just a tool—it’s your companion on the journey towards healing and self-care.

After you've enjoyed picking out all the beads, the fun doesn’t have to end! Contact us to have your beads recast and reset for a small fee, making your pad ready for endless picking adventures.

☝🏼Safety First: These pads contain small parts and are not suitable for young children.

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